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Mike is a Division 1 football player who earned a scholarship to play at the highest collegiate level. His whole life, he’s dreamed of one day playing in the NFL, and he can see that goal within reach.

But lately, Mike’s been struggling to perform at his best. He overthinks during games and reacts too slowly, causing mistakes. It’s so frustrating to be this close to his goals and feel like a mental block is standing in his way and jeopardizing his future. He feels stuck.

Jen is a financial analyst at a large banking firm who recently found out that she’s up for a significant promotion. She’s worked so hard to get to this point, but now that it’s here, she wonders if she actually deserves it.

The final push involves making a presentation in front of the president of the company, and it terrifies Jen. She’s started calling out sick to avoid the stress and has begun looking for other jobs where she doesn’t have to speak in public. She doesn’t know what to do.

Allen just graduated from college and is starting his adult life. While moving into his new apartment, he realized that one of his neighbors is a girl he’d developed a crush on at school. He wants desperately to talk to her but can’t manage more than a quiet “hello” as they pass each other in the hall.

A few years ago, Allen approached a girl he liked and was laughed off and rejected, and he’s terrified of experiencing this again – so he keeps to himself. He wishes he had the confidence to ask her out, but he just can’t.

There is another way forward.

It’s possible to live with joy and purpose again.

Discover the root causes of your struggles and how to move past them.

Therapy will get you closer to your goals, and I can help.

Hi, I’m Solomon.

I know from experience how debilitating anxiety can be and how much more difficult it makes life.

But I’m not here to tell you what path to follow. Instead, I’m here to assist you in finding the path you want to follow and support you every step of the way on your journey.

Together, we’ll help you become more attuned to your emotions and give you the tools to make your anxiety more manageable.

Call me now to take the next step and start healing a little every day.

Mike was nervous but reached out to me for help. Together, we explored his past and the extreme pressure his parents placed on his football career since childhood. As we dug deeper into the roots of his pain, Mike found his anxiety decreasing and his play on the field improving. Now, he’s doing well and has more clarity about his goals in life.

Jen called and set up an appointment but wasn’t sure exactly where to start. Speaking about her past, we realized that she’d been frequently bullied in school, which led to her developing a phobia of public speaking. This revelation helped her finally begin to stand up for herself rather than let the pain of the past control her life. Now she’s more confident and seizing the promotion she deserves.

Allen was determined to fix his problem, so he reached out to get to the root of it. We uncovered that an ex-girlfriend of several years ago cheated on him, which he found devastating and has never been able to make peace with. As he learned to understand where his self-doubt came from, he was able to move past it. Now he has the courage to ask women out and can accept rejection in stride.

Stop letting anxiety control your life!

I helped the people above find peace, joy, and confidence to
regain control. And I can help you, too.

Reach out now, and let’s get started on this healing journey today.

The above names and stories are composite narratives and do not reflect actual clients.